The Joy Of Boxing – National Stadium, Lagos – Documentary

Still on the subject of Joy, I went to the National Stadium in Surulere to capture the local boxing club. It’s run by Coach Shehu, who’s a former championship coach. There’s a wide range of boxers from hobbyist, to amateur and professional. Plus there’s a former African Champion in the club. Everyone meets up same crack-of-dawn god-awful first-light early-bird timing to experience the Joy in Boxing. It kind of feels like Creed if he never got a green card. According to some guys at the spot, joy here isn’t in winning, but actually the prep to doing so, which was pretty amazing to me. I wish the whole world could experience such joy from their jobs.

I recently read some chapters of a book called The Prophet that speaks on life and how to live. He says that one shouldn’t work if it cannot be done with joy. It’s not ‘practical’ in the real world, but also reality is yours to create so why not? The idea that archaic systems of working are still relevant in 2019 say to me that the world’s evolving slower than you think. The old guard need to pass the baton to the greenhorns who haven’t been corrupted by the challenges of a lifetime of ‘reality’. Idealism in doses is always recommended to spice things up.


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