Baingor Joiner is a 24-year-old multidisciplinary creative and self-taught photographer, best known for his eclectic interests and whimsical sensibilities. He holds a Masters in Geology from University College London.


Artistic Beginnings

Starting his pursuits into art in primary school, he quickly picked up basic concepts and techniques in drawing and painting, leading to his partaking in local art competitions.

An avid music lover, he started playing piano from the age of 7 and has since developed his skills in music production, mixing & mastering as well as sound design. He played with a Jazz band called the Flat 5 Trio over the course of two years in London and is still known to grace the stage on rare occasion. He also DJ’s in his spare time under the moniker ‘Join√©’.



While studying, he was tasked to graphically illustrate maps created on independent field trips to Scotland. Skills learnt here, would translate to a slew of Graphics Design work which can be found on his portfolio.


He recalls his university days fondly, “I’d say the best part about being at UCL was the library. Many lonely afternoons were spent in the Art section just soaking up knowledge on great artists and art in general. Being in a university with it’s own gallery and renowned art school exposed me to more than just numbers and equations. There were exhibitions in the Rock Room of our geology department, with discussions on relationships between science and art. Through UCL experience I was able to find out about people like Leonardo Da Vinci, Edvard Munch, Plato, Ben Enwonwu, Colplay, Paul Smith and many more. They kind of showed me that there can be many roads to the same destination. Having friends from all over on a wide range of courses exposed me to different cultures and ways of thought. It all came together when we did OneArt, for the first time everything made sense. Those were some good days.”

The One Art Night was part of a Social Action Campaign (SAC) for Uprising, a leadership program. The goal was to provide a social commentary on how diversity is perceived in London and society at large, through the arts. It was held at the Rich Mix in Shoreditch, with the help of Rushanara Ali, MP and John Biggs, the Mayor of Tower Hamlets – more information on this can be found in the Social Good section of the website.


Visual Progression

His foray into photography would start on the streets of London in 2011, documenting street style in one of the world’s most stylish cities.

His photography style is up close and candid for the most part, building on his beginnings as a street photographer. He cites this when describing his images, “it’s hard to create an organic scene that tells a story. Because of this, I actually prefer if subjects are unaware of my presence”. This leads to his unique documentarian style of photography.

Since 2011, he has been to different destinations in Europe and West Africa. Documenting as he does so, and has created an archive that would prepare him for his first series of joint and solo exhibitions in Lagos and Accra, 2017.


Recent Work

His style of photography caught the eye of Wafflesncream – a skateboarding lifestyle brand based in Lagos, Nigeria. In 2017, he was commissioned to do a series of editorials documenting the local skate scene.

His range of visual expression extends to video as well. Originally an editor, he soon ventured into video production. Most recently, he has been creating audiovisual and graphic content for ArtXLagos as well as critically acclaimed film ‘A Hotel Called Memory’, which recently won the Best Audience Experience award at the BlackStar International Film Festival held in Philadelphia.


Select list of past clients:

  • Alara – Fashion Retail House
  • ArtXLagos – Art Fair/Exhibition
  • Arthouse Contemporary – Art Gallery
  • A Hotel Called Memory – International Award Winning Film
  • Dennis Osadebe – Painter
  • Iamisigo – Fashion Brand
  • Kenneth Ize – Fashion Brand
  • Lost In Lagos – Print Magazine
  • Native Magazine
  • Nonso Amadi – Artist
  • Thomson S. Ekong – Photographer
  • Wafflesncream – Skate Lifestyle Brand